After graduating from Tufts University in Massachusetts with a degree in International Relations, I continued my studies in academia and received my Masters in Mass Communications. However, as I journey through life I realize that practicing and teaching yoga is my dharma and my path. Yoga has changed my life, and I find great joy from my own practice and from my students. I began practicing yoga in 1993. I have studied extensively at Foothill College with Ben Thomas, a Senior Certified Iyengar teacher with over 30 years of experience. I had received my teaching certificate in 2004 at the Avalon Art & Yoga Center. I had the opportunity to study with globally renowned restorative teacher, Judith Lasater at the Iyengar Institute in San Francisco and received my restorative teacher certification. I regularly attend yoga workshops throughout the state because I believe in the importance of knowledge and staying “fresh” in the discipline of yoga.

I tend to draw upon many styles of yoga as I believe there is only one yoga and each style of yoga brings new understanding to the yogic path. I try to tune into the needs of each student whether it is building strength and flexibility or becoming more self aware in their own practice. I focus on alignment, infusing balance and creating space with each asana as, I consider, most injuries are caused by either being misaligned, out of balance or from a lack of space.

Doris Yoga is body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles we may not be accustomed to engaging, strengthening them so we can live pain-free, improve balance, and even build better abdominal strength.

Doris Yoga is a huge advocate of props (blocks, straps, etc.). It is the essence of Doris Yoga. I or the studio where I am teaching will have props handy, however, if you have your own, feel free to bring them.