What is Doris Yoga?

I tend to draw upon many styles of yoga as I believe there is only one yoga and each style of yoga brings new understanding to the yogic path. I try to tune into the needs of each student whether it is building strength and flexibility or becoming more self aware in their own practice. I focus on alignment, infusing balance and creating space with each asana as, I consider, most injuries are caused by either being misaligned, out of balance or from a lack of space.

How is Doris Yoga different from other styles of yoga?

Doris Yoga is body awareness and control, actively engaging muscles we may not be accustomed to engaging, strengthening them so we can live pain-free, improve balance, and even build better abdominal strength.

How often should I practice?

Yoga is meant to be a daily practice. As a beginner, I recommend you set a goal you can realistically keep. However, being consistent is key to your practice. The more you practice, the better you will feel, and the more you will want to practice!

What level of yoga do I need to attend your classes?

Doris Yoga is for all levels of practice.

Do I need to bring anything?

Doris Yoga is a huge advocate of props (blocks, straps, etc.). It is the essence of Doris Yoga. I or the studio where I am teaching will have props handy, however, if you have your own, feel free to bring them.